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A jingle is a memorable slogan, set to an engaging melody, mainly broadcast on radio and sometimes on television commercials. An effective jingle is constructed to stay in one's memory (colloquially, "ringing a bell"). People often nostalgically remember a jingle decades later, even after the advertised brand has ceased to exist. Nowadays the most common form of a jingle is a radio station's on air musical or spoken identity. The most famous musical identities both past and present include those heard on WABC/WPLJ, WLS/KIIS-FM, Z100 New York, KOST, and KHJ.

The jingle was used on radio from the beginning, and the art of jingle-writing was well-honed by the time television became widely available. The golden age of the advertising jingle was during the US 1950s economic boom. The jingle was used in the advertising of branded products such as breakfast cereals, candy and snacks (including soda pop) and other processed foods, tobacco and alcoholic beverages, as well as various franchises and products that might reflect personal image such as automobiles, personal hygiene products (including deodorants, mouthwash, and toothpaste) and household cleaning products, especially detergent. Today, with the ever-increasing cost of licensing preexisting music, a growing number of businesses are rediscovering the custom advertising jingle as a more affordable option for their advertising needs.

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Associates - Music scores for radio and TV (Jingles). Songs for corporate theatre. Original songs and publishing.

Amco Media Company - Producers of memorable advertising jingles for commercial radio and other media in the UK

AMISH Chicago Advertising - Freelance copywriting and radio production of humorous radio jingles.
Meta Description: [ A.M.I.S.H. Chicago advertising is a full service Advertising Agency specializing in Radio Producers, Radio Producer Book, Personality Radio, Radio Coaching, Talent Coaching, Producer Coaching, Radio, Producer and chicago radio advertising. Site includes samples of produced radio commercials, inf... ]

Arrington Music - Franklin, TN based creator of custom music for media; includes samples, details on services, and company profile.
Meta Description: [ Custom Music, Original Compositions, Jingle Production, Instrumental Scores, and Theme Songs. ]

Barry Volk's Sound Advantage - Producers small and large market jingles and audio logos; includes samples in a variety of styles, client list, and FAQ. Based in Sausalito, CA.
Meta Description: [ Producers of small and large market jingles, sound signtures and comedy spots. Includes radio & TV samples in a variety of styles, client list, and FAQ. ]

Bell Music Productions - Las Vegas, NV based producers and writers of pieces for radio and television advertising; includes demo library, details on services, client list, and testimonials.

Biggtime Productions - Offers jingles, voiceovers, soundtracks and sound effects. Includes details on products and pricing, as well as a client list. Based in the UK.
Meta Description: [ Biggtime Productions - specialists in jingles, voiceovers, soundtracks and high quality audio production. We provide original compositions and professional audio to meet all budgets. ]

Bri-Wil Advertainment - Specializes in the very popular sound-a-like jingles; includes company philosophy and samples available by download.

Chunky Productions - Provides audio solutions for use in advertising such as jingles and voice overs for radio and television commercials. Includes details on services, sound clips, and company profile.
Meta Description: [ Chunky Productions, Engineers of Sound Solutions, music, cd, jingles, jingles, tv, television, radio, cable, video, game, games, videos, song, songs, recording, studio, corporate, corporation, coporation, custom, engineer, cutsom, commercials, commersial, advertise, advertis, advertisement, adv... ]

Circa Music - Hear and see audio and video samples, read about us, pictures of our facility and contact information.

Concertspots Productions - Full service production house providing a wide spectrum of audio production services, from radio station imaging to commercials to documentary voice overs.
Meta Description: [ Concertspots is a full service production house providing a wide spectrum of audio production services, from radio station imaging to commercials to documentary voice overs. ]

Core Media Productions Ltd. - Composes and records station imaging, adverts, and sung jingles; includes samples, charges, and details on services.
Meta Description: [ Radio Station imaging ]

Crystal Sound Recording - Professional audio commercials, voice overs, jingles and planetarium sound. Includes samples and profile, based in Iowa.

Earthborne Music - Includes commercial music samples from radio jingles to video sound tracks.

Eric Harry Music Limited - Specializes in scoring original music for film, documentaries, television and radio jingles for commercials and audio production in Toronto. Includes samples, biography, and related links.
Meta Description: [ Eric Harry Music - original music production company jingles for radio and tv commercials ads and retail radio production and jingles spots ad music production companies and composers writers for comedy radio producer and production. Check out our ISDN recording studio in Toronto Canada. Sign up ... ]

ERP Studios - Full service production house providing audio production services, from radio station imaging to commercials and jingles to documentary voice overs. Includes samples, company profile, and contacts.

Evolution International Group - A music production company specializing in radio jingles, commercial jingles, and advertising jingles. Offers music orchestration, arranging, and producing, for many agencies and clients worldwide.
Meta Description: [ Evolution International Group is a Music Production Company specializing in Radio and Television Jingle Production ] - Providing professionally produced commercial musical and vocal pieces; includes profile, prices, and samples.
Meta Description: [ Providing professionally produced commercial jingles to help you get that image 'hook' your company needs! ]

Foster Kent - Based in Salzburg, Austria. Focuses on producing acoustic designs for TV and radio stations; includes samples, profile, and contacts.

404 Garay Productions - Canton, Ohio based musical production company; includes prices, samples, and profile.
Meta Description: [ Anytime, anywhere, EarthLink connects people to the power and possibilities of the Internet. Connect to the Internet with High Speed, DSL, Cable, Satellite, Voice, trueVoice, Samsung Wireless, Dial-up. ]

GMI Media LLC - Features demos of jingle packages for station identification, advertising agencies, and the web.

500 Hired Gums - Fargo, ND based audio, video, film production company; includes samples, details on services, booking form, and company profile.
Meta Description: [ Hired Gums is the vocal arm of Video Arts Studios. Stumped with deciding which voice will be perfect for your needs? Let us help. ]

Image One Communications - Offers custom jingles, creative radio commercials and music on hold systems and production.

Imagine Words and Music Inc. - Producers of music signatures, jingle packages and theme songs for use on radio, television and internet.
Meta Description: [ Imagine Words and Music Inc.: an audio company specializing in the creation of jingles and spoken word advertising. ]

Impact Media Images (IMI) - Creates media images via radio jingles. Includes samples.

Jam Creative Productions - Producers of radio jingles for US and international radio stations, bespoke packeges and syndication.
Meta Description: [ JAM Productions creates radio jingles, TV station packages, commercials and music for broadcasters worldwide. ]

404 Jingle Monkeys - Producers of music signatures, jingle packages and theme songs for use on radio, television and internet.
Meta Description: [ Categories, ] - Radio and video advertisement productions for local/national radio/tv networks, CD-ROM sound effects and voices, video clips, fashion show music. Want your ads to be more effective with fashionable Italian and/or other mother-tongue speakers?

Jinglebank - Find commercial, advertising generic and custom jingles for radio and TV.
Meta Description: [ Commercial Jingles, advertising, Generic Jingles for radio & TV. World Class Jingles at Hometown Prices ]

JingleJungle - Produce commercial jingles for radio and TV, station ID's, tag's, television music, and scoring.

Jingles and Radio Commercials - Full service production studio,Specializing in Jingles and Radio Commercials. Located in Janesville, WI

Jingles Australia - Produces music, voice overs and messages on hold; includes company profile and online demos.
Meta Description: [ Jingles Australia specialize in high quality jingles, voice overs and voice on hold messages for both Australian and international markets. ] - Hit jingles from diet coke to Dr Pepper by award winning songwriters. Scores for documentaries and movies.
Meta Description: [ Jingles, voice overs, recording studio, original movie soundtracks by award winning staff. Voice over demos. Singer Demos.Avid editing. CD,DVD,VHS, copies Pal Conversions. Very reasonable prices. ]

Josselyn Jingles - Original jingles for radio, TV and the web with exclusive long term licenses. Includes sample, rates, and an offer for a free demo.
Meta Description: [ High quality, low cost TV & radio commercial advertising jingles. Get a custom jingle demo free. Testimonials online. Josselyn Jingles: Since 2000. ]

Just Jingles for Television, Cinema and Radio - Shake n Vac, Pepsi and Mars a Day, amongst many other Jingles created by Jonathan Hodge. First ever original CD compilation now available.

Jynglz - Custom advertising jingles for radio, television and internet. Samples included. Affordable production includes buyout. From a team of marketing pros, copywriters, songwriters, musicians and technicians.

Kamen Entertainment - Casting, music, sound design for radio and TV advertising.

Keen Music Voice and Sound Design - A Toronto, Canada based music production company that offers creative production and direction of music, voice and sound design. Keen produces soundtracks for radio, TV, and cinema advertising.

Lucas Media - Creators of designer jingles, idents and commercials. Based in London, England. Order jingles online.
Meta Description: [ Hot Jingles help sell your product or service to the audience. They make it easier for people to remember you and come back for more. They sell your name. Think of the world's top 20 companies, they all have a jingle. ]

Market Street Sound - Complete audio and music production specializing in jingles and underscore for broadcast, corporate, and multimedia.
Meta Description: [ Market Street Sound is Pittsburgh's premier Audio Post Production facilitiy, providing our clients with cuttin-edge original music scores and creative sound design. ]

Marlow Stevens Associates - Fine advertising production since 1979. Advertising jingles are image-building and increase your advertising effectiveness.
Meta Description: [ Producers of jingles, advertising music for all electronic media including TV, Radio, Movie, On-Hold and Websites ]

Maximum Production - Sonic Branding Solutions for TV Radio, commercial music composition and production, including jingles, themes and sonic logos.
Meta Description: [ maximum production is a music production company providing sonic branding solutions and music composition for TV and Radio as well as creative copywriting for radio commercials. ]

McGuire Productions - top volume producer of custom client jingles, small and medium markets.

McHale Barone -- - A television and radio commercial music house. In addition, home of Clan Chi music, and Irving place studios.

500 Media Arts Group - Electronic media production outfit based in Perth, Australia; includes details on services, company profile, and demo library.

Media Music - Producers of Radio, Television and Video Jingles. Based in Staxton, North Yorkshire, UK
Meta Description: [ Media Music, North Yorkshire - specialists in producing high quality radio, television and video jingles and adverts and also operates as a recording studio. The owner, Nik Martin is an award winning singer and songwriter who has performed live all over the world and exhibits a range of unique ad... ]

Meils Music Solutions - Commercial music production for advertising, television, radio, film, multi-media, video games, and interactive websites - located in Chicago, Illinois.
Meta Description: [ Official website of Chicago composer/producer Matt Meils ]

500 MNG Music Productions - MNG Music Productions specialises in songwriting ,music composition and arranging,,artist management, lyrics and the production of jingles.

MorivAudio Productions - A site that introduces jingle writer, musician, and producer Marc W. Moriva. Site includes a short bio, research material on the effectiveness of music in advertising and Mp3 samples of Marc's work.
Meta Description: [ Morivaudio Jingles, original jingles for radio, TV advertising ]

404 Music, music composition - Company website detailing music production services and giving examples of jobs we have worked on.
Meta Description: [ We offer quality web hosting services specializing in affordable dedicated servers, personal and business website hosting and VPS. Supports PHP, MySQL, ASP and JSP. Industry leading prices w/ 350GB storage and 3500GB data transfer and free domain name. ]

National Jingle Production Network - A musical image(jingle) and voice over company that is a network of national talented production people joined together to provide quality jingles to small to medium size advertisers.

Neil Stephens Productions - Original commercial music for advertising, films, videos, tv. Fun, rich ear-catching vocal arrangements.

Oak Music - This site is not only a forum for the talents of Singer/Songwriter/Composer Frank Doherty but also the home of Oak Music Super Sonics.

404 Order radio, TV jingle or theme song - Order customized music for any purpose from Tommy Marolda, who has written many award winning commercial radio and TV jingles. Most tracks can be completed within 3 days
Meta Description: [ Order custom music for any purpose from multi-instrumentalist, Grammy nominated writer and producer Tommy Marolda ]

Outlandash Productions - Our site describes our services which includes custom radio jingles, custom soundtrack music, voice over work consultive service. Our site also offers jingle samples contact info.
Meta Description: [ Custom radio jingles for radio and television national sound at affordable prices starting at $299 ]

500 P STUDIOS - Der Radiowerbe-Spezialist - Produktions-Studio f?iowerbung, Agentur f?funkwerbung, Audio-Produktionen aller Art, Musikverlag, Label
Meta Description: [ Produktions-Studio für Radiowerbung, Agentur für Hörfunkwerbung, Audio-Produktionen aller Art, Musikverlag, Label ]

404 Peter Barnes Marketing and Advertising - Producer and creator of advertising jingles. Samples included.
Meta Description: [ Advertising jingles and slogans that really sell. ]

Pirate Radio and Television - Pirate offers you award-winning writing, production and original music for radio and TV commercials.
Meta Description: [ Pirate offers you award-winning writing, production and original music for radio and TV commercials. ]

Plank Productions - Original music production company specializing in jingles, post scoring for film and video, and noise reduction. Includes samples, company profile, and contact information.
Meta Description: [ An original music production company speciallizing in jingles, post scoring for film and video, radio and TV soundtracks, commercials, artist recording and noise removal. recording studio, jingles, jingle, announcers, announcer, instrumental music, voice talent, voice over, male voice talent,... ]

PolyCorp Music Production - PMP writes, composes, designs and creates all forms of sound or music. If you need something to fit perfectly with your product PolyCorp will deliver?. Websound Webmusic Game-fx Filmmusic/fx Jingles You name it, we create it?

Quo M? / Quo Music - M? original. Jingles, bandas, aperturas de programas de TV y Radio. Multimedia. / Original Music. Jingles, ad music, TV show openings, multimedia.
Meta Description: [ Música original. Jingles, bandas, aperturas de programas de TV y Radio. Multimedia. / Original Music. Jingles, ad music, TV show openings, multimedia. ]

Radical Ads: Jingles, Radio Spots, Ads - I provide jingles, radio spots, voice talent, singing and copywriting. I have top ad agency and KFOG radio experience.

Radio Jingles - In our recording studios we can produce world class jingles
Meta Description: [ Suede InterActive is a full service Audio, Video, Film, Recording Studio, Internet, Radio and TV Production, Original Music, Video Editing Facility located in Hackensack, New Jersey in the NY Metro Area. ]

Radio Jingles - Dr-Jingles offers professionally composed radio jingle packages for enhanced promotional radio advertisement.
Meta Description: [ Dr Jingles, professional radio jingles production company providing innovative music, voiceovers & commercial jingles for radio advertising. ]

Reel World - Creates state of the art radio station jingles and production elements that cover the spectrum of today's radio.
Meta Description: [ ReelWorld creates cutting edge radio jingles and production elements that cover the entire spectrum of todays radio. Hear our full jingles catelog online. ]

Sharpsell London - Jingles, idents and sweepers, music imaging for radio, TV and commercials plus voice overs and copywriting.
Meta Description: [ Sharpsell London is the definitive leader for your radio station jingle idents, your overall station imaging and your total audio branding. ]

Shell Like - Specialists in radio, audio and broadcast production, particularly commercials for advertising agencies and radio stations.
Meta Description: [ Shell Like, Radio Commercial Producers ]

Signature Productions - Advertising jingle production for small to medium size businesses.
Meta Description: [ Signature Productions - Creators of Music Jingles, Voice-over commercials ]

Silvertree Inc. - Jingles and original music and creative audio production for broadcast, advertising, film and multimedia.
Meta Description: [ Music production and broadcast creative services specializing in jingles, television postscores, radio spots, sound design, and multimedia soundtracks. Downloadable music samples and client lists area available. ]

500 sixty-eight productions - This site provides information on custom jingles for advertising.

Sound Imagination - Sound Imagination is a production company specializing in film scores, jingles, commercial scores, commercials/industrials, voice overs and sound effects.
Meta Description: [ Edward Kessel composer, music,film scores,jingles,recording, audio production ]

Soundplanet is a premiere studio in Denver, fully staffed -creative personnel, and arrangers! - Soundplanet is a state of the art recording service providing jingles, for Radio and TV, advertising and promotions.
Meta Description: [ Jingles,original advertising music,commercial jingles,radio jingles,tv jingles,radio spot,tv spot,commercial script writing,affordable advertising ]

Steve Quinzi Music - Full service music production company specializing in jingle production, postscoring, and music for special events.
Meta Description: [ Steve Quinzi Music - Music production for advertising and broadcast ]

Studio Q - Make your commercial a hit! - Presenting your message, surrounded by a custom musical image, can have your prospects humming your commercial. Let us make your commercial a hit!

404 Taxciter Industries - Radio Commercials, Jingles, Audio Engineering, 3D/2D Graphics, and more...

Terry Thompson Productions - Develops original music, lyrics arrangement for radio TV jingles.

The Project Studio - A recording studio specializing in music recording, audio for advertising and remote recording. CD duplication is also available.
Meta Description: [ The Project Studio is a full service recording studio located in Richmond, Virginia. ]

TM Century, Inc. - Dallas-based TM Century, Inc. creates, produces and distributes music-based products for broadcast media use. Product lines include music compilation libraries and services, production music, commercial jingles and radio TV station identification packages.
Meta Description: [ Jingles, GoldDisc, HitDisc, Music Libraries, Production & Imaging Libraries and more from JonesTM Inc ]

Toons On Tape - Jingles, radio TV commercials, music production, recording studio

Tuesday Productions - National musical ad campaign company specializing in television and radio advertising. Site contains online demos and downloadable samples. [Shockwave enhanced]
Meta Description: [ Tuesday Productions creates affordable radio and television jingles. ]

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